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Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!!

My oldest is 14 today....did you see that....FOURTEEN!!!!!  He is a wonderful young man, and we are so blessed that God placed him in our family! 

I just can't understand how I can have a 14 year old!!!  Where did the time go????

I love that his birthday is in the summer....that way he can:

1.  Sleep in (or go back to bed, as we always wake the birthday boy for presents in bed before dad goes to work).
2.  Go out to breakfast/brunch (or lunch, depending on when he gets up!  LOL!) with me, my parents and his younger brothers.
3.  Do what he wants to do today.
4.  Go out for dinner when my husband gets home.  Come home for birthday "cake".

Yay!  Did you see that I mentioned going out twice today!  :)  I hardly have to prepare any food today!  I will be making his birthday cake, however. 

He has requested an ice cream cake.  I LOVE ice cream cakes and am happy to oblige.

The ingredients....OREOS (for the crust), vanilla ice cream for the middle, and Homemade Fudge for the topping!  What is not to like????  Okay, for some of you healthy eaters out there, it is not the healthiest....but.....that's all I'm saying.

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