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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Iced Coffee....at Home

I love coffee!!!!!

I love going out for coffee!!!

I love all of those fancy coffee drinks at the fancy coffee houses!!!

I don't like the prices, however.

That is why I have played around with making my own iced coffee at home.  Last summer, I tried making really strong coffee and pouring it over ice.  That worked okay, but I couldn't get the coffee cold enough, for my liking.

I was excited when I found the website, I Need Coffee, because Melanie explained how to make cold-brewed iced coffee at home.

Just as Melanie suggested, this is what I did:

*1/4 cup coffee (up to 1/3 cup---I used decaf)
*1 1/2 cups water (she suggests room temperature)

Mix this together in a glass jar.  Let sit on the counter for several hours.  When it was ready, I placed a coffee filter in my wire strainer and set it on top of my plastic container.  I poured the coffee and grounds into the filter.

After it drained, I poured the coffee over ice into a glass, and added a little sugar and cream.  Yum!!!

I tried it, and was very pleased with the results.

So if you liked iced coffee, all you really need is a little time....if you want some in the afternoon, you need to set it up on the counter in the morning.  

After adding a little sugar, and my half and half, it tasted really good!  And cost me pennies, instead of dollars!!!  :)

Have you had success making fancy coffee drinks at home, iced or hot????

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  1. I am 100% taking your word for it.


    I most emphatically do NOT drink coffee ;-)

    Diet Dr Pepper, though, by the gallons ;-)

  2. Thanks for visiting anyway, Rachel! :) You made me giggle! :)

  3. I used to work at a coffe house in College and we served iced coffee by the gallon. Make a double strength 12 cup pot of coffee-use twice as much coffee as you would normally use. You can use regular, decaf, or a flavored (havelnut is a personal favorite). Once the coffee has cooled some, pour it into an empty milk jug. Fill the jug up with milk. This is your base and you can add a shot of flavored syrups to every 16 oz glass. Serve over ice with some whip cream on top. It lasts as long as the milk does or you let it. Enjoy. Stephanie gonkgonk75@hotmail.com

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for the great recipe for making iced coffee! It sounds like a great way to make bigger amount ahead of time!

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post.

    Have a great day!


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