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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great News at Swagbucks...again!!!!

**This promotion is no longer valid, but you can still sign up of Swagbucks here.** 
 I don't mean to sound like a broken record around here, but if you aren't using Swagbucks yet, why aren't you?

I seriously, have spent no money, and I have earned $35 on Amazon.com through Swagbucks since February 28, 2010!!

All you have to do is:

1.  Sign up at Swagbucks.  Enter the code BackToSchool for 70 Swagbucks just for signing up (thru 8/15).
2.  Download the toolbar, and log in.  Keep yourself logged in for maximum chances of winning.
3.  Do your searching on the Swagbucks toolbar, as you normally would.  To boost your chances of winning, search for sites that you even know the web address to....it might take an extra second or 2, but you have a chance to earn some Swagbucks by doing so.
4.  Take the Swagbucks Daily Poll for 1 Swagbuck/day
5.  Sign up to take Swagbucks Surveys, and you might qualify for more Swagbucks by answering a few questions.
6.  Refer people to sign up from your link, and you receive Swagbucks (up to 1000, I believe) when they win by searching.
7.  Sometimes throughout the day, there will be a Swagcode that you can enter on the homepage to snag a few more 'bucks for yourself.

Those are all FREE ways to earn Swagbucks.  You can also shop online and earn more.  I, truthfully, have never done this yet.  I am not a huge online shopper, but you might be, and you might as well make it a little more profitable for yourself.

Why am I rambling on about this now???  If you sign up as a new user, right now, you will automatically receive 70 Swagbucks by using the code:  BackToSchool

Have I convinced you yet to try Swagbucks?
If so, feel free to sign up using my link...my Amazon account thanks you!  :)  

Thank you Surviving the Stores for the information on this current deal.

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