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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frugal Diaper Buying deal....going fast!

Although I don't need to buy diapers anymore, I have heard good things about diapers.com. 

Today's deal at Plum District (which I HAVE purchased from before) is for $40 to spend at diapers.com for only $20.

Plum District works this way.  You purchase a $40 voucher for $20, through their website, and then you are able to use it to purchase what you need at diapers.com. 

For complete details make sure to visit Plum District.

P.S.  The great thing about Plum District also...you get "Plum Dollars" to spend, if you refer your friends too!  :)  Sign up to receive their daily deal.  The deals are national and local for your area. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF