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Friday, September 17, 2010

Time 4 Learning...a review

A month or so ago, I agreed to reviewing the website, Time 4 Learning, in exchange for a free month's membership for my boys.  (The opinion is entirely my own, and was not written by Time 4 Learning.)

When my free month membership started, I received a separate log in for each child, ages 8th grade, 6th grade, and 3rd grade.  My 3rd grader was the one who used it most often.  Truthfully, my 8th grader never took the opportunity to try it for me!  :(  Not that he wouldn't have...I just forgot to have in log in before my trial ran out!  The end of the summer was a tough time to try it, as they weren't too interested in doing any kind of "school", until absolutely necessary!!!  :)

Even so, my 3rd and 6th grader seemed to enjoy logging in and browsing through all of the different areas and subjects.  The math games were what they seemed to go to the most.  If I was using this for homeschool, I would be able to assign certain subjects for them to complete each day, with the program keeping track of their progress.  That is a huge plus for busy parents!  :)  I can also see the benefit of using this program for a little extra help for a student struggling in a certain area (especially over the summer months).

There is a monthly subscription rate per student to use the program (with a discount for each additional student).  If you weigh the cost of buying your own curriculum, you may find that it is a reasonable price to pay.  I know that the internet has many free options out there, but with them, a parent needs to spend time finding out which websites are a good fit for your family.  The plus side of Time4Learning is the fact that all of your subjects are in one place.

I don't see that Time 4 Learning would be a good fit for my family, but  interested families can "try before you buy", which is another benefit, by looking at some of the sample lessons on the site. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF