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Monday, October 25, 2010

FREE 12 month photo calendar...just pay shipping!

This was truly one of my most favorite gifts that I have ever given before!!!!

Last Christmas, I put together one of these calendars for my parents.  Each month had a personalized picture on it.  The pictures included a huge family portrait, just my siblings and I, the grandchildren, a cute picture of my parents, and of course their beloved dog had one whole month to herself!  :)

My parents absolutely loved it!  It was kind of a highlight of the gift opening, I would have to say!  :)

It was easy to upload the photos and choose how to arrange them by month.  I also was able to add in all of our birthdays and anniversaries so my mother did not have to add them in herself!

They will allow you to upgrade the weight of the paper, and a few other choices, but I chose only what was FREE and was perfectly happy with my choice.

I only paid a shipping and handling fee, which amounted to about $6.00 (which included shipping my FREE address stamp for myself).

If you have ever wondered about ordering from Vistaprint, I can tell you that it was worth it for me!

I think I might have to make another one...just because!!! Pin It Print Friendly and PDF