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Monday, October 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday....October 25

Well, we had one whole week off of sports!!  Woopee!!  Soccer ended, and now basketball begins....for ALL 3 boys!  :O

I am so thankful that they are healthy, however, and enjoy being active.  It just requires some planning on my part!  That's what Menu Plan Monday is all about...posting my menu plan for the week keeps ME accountable to thinking about what we will have for dinner.

My hope is that this post might encourage you to do the same, if you need a little encouragement to do so.  You may even find a new, easy recipe or two, from me or the other moms that link up!

So, this is the plan:

MONDAY:  Frugal Chicken Pot Pie

TUESDAY:  Frugal Easy Macaroni and Cheese

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Wild Rice Soup (in my freezer, that my mom made...yay!) and Sandwiches

THURSDAY:  Beef and Bean Burritos (taco filling and beans are in my freezer)

FRIDAY:  Jumbo Stuffed Shells  I will try to make a big batch, so I can freeze a portion of them!  :)

What are you planning this week?  Plan ahead, if you can!  It is a HUGE help!  :)

For other ideas on menus for the week, visit Menu Plan Monday.

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