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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Help Your Children to "Give, Save, Spend"!!! Piggy Bank w/ a Twist!!

When we were in full "Dave Ramsey mode", we were also paying our boys an allowance.  Every week when they were "paid", they were to divide the money into 3 envelopes labeled, "Give", "Save", and "Spend".  It worked out wonderful and each Sunday they would bring the "Give" money to church for offering.  The "Save" money went to the bank once a month.  The "Spend" money was theirs to do with what they wanted.  We NEED to get back into this great habit!  Not only is it imperative for my husband and I to be budgeting our money, these are fabulous life long lessons for our boys to be learning!

Look at the adorable bank that can be used for this system!

I LOVE it!  Here is an adorable piggy bank to make the "Give, Save, Spend" idea even more fun!  There also is an "Invest" category...I'm not quite sure what the difference between "Save" and "Invest" are, but they probably explain it along with the bank.

If this is something you think would work well in your house, check it out.  It might be a great birthday or Christmas present!!!

You can find the "Give, Save, Spend" Piggy Bank w/ a Twist here.
You can also find it on Amazon:

I would love to know if any of you do this with your children already???

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