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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Limiting milk consumption???? A frugal answer....

Well, so far so good....we have been able to eat from what we have on hand!  AND, no one is starving!  Heehee!  The exception for us, of course, is that we have bought milk....it is VERY hard to keep well stocked with milk.  Which brings up something I have been thinking about and discussing with a few dear friends.

As I have been trying to cut corners, and trying to figure out why our money seems to be evaporating right out from under us, it occurs to me that we are spending much more money on milk....I am starting to think that I need to limit my boys' milk consumption.  One boy in particular, not to be named here :) drinks milk like water.  My friends (one of which was a registered dietician in her life before kids) thinks that I certainly can check the RDA for milk requirements and stick with that....they can drink water! 

Okay, so what is the RDA for milk for growing boys????  According the the new USDA Food Guide Pyramid, it is 2 cups for children ages 2 - 8, and 3 cups for up to age 11.  (By the way, there are lots of cool resources to help teach you and your children about healthy eating!!!!)
I found another resource that breaks it down into the amount of calcium needed per age.  Milk Matters recommends 1300 g of calcium for 9 - 18 year olds (which can be accomplished with 3 cups of milk and adding other calcium rich foods to their diet.)

So, do I put a little checklist on my fridge, and they document when they drink a cup???  I might have to get a little creative with this new idea!!!!  :)

Okay, I want to hear some feedback from all of you, dear readers!!!  What do you think?

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