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Friday, October 15, 2010

It Pays to Eat Pasta...Win Groceries for a Year! Contest

It Pays To Eat Pasta Contest

"You can't win, if you don't enter!"  or "Somebody's gotta win, it might as well be me!"  Those are kind of my mottos, when it comes to contests.  I have been known to win a thing or two in my lifetime.  It is very fun!!!  :) 

The best story was the almost missed winnings when my husband rescued my sister's Coca Cola package from being thrown into the trash.  Turns out she had a winning code on her box.  Not just a little winner....she was the Grand Prize winner!!!!! 

She won a $10,000 Home Depot gift card!!!!  Wow!!!!  Before she opened it up, she had said, "If I win, I will split it with you!" 

Lo, and behold, she won!!! 

And, she truly did split the prize with us! 

Wow, I love my sister!!!  :)

So, if you enter It Pays To Eat Pasta, you too, may be a winner!  Once you enter, you can share your link with a friend, and earn an extra entry!  The contest ends October 30, 2010.  For more details, check out the rules here. Pin It Print Friendly and PDF