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Friday, October 15, 2010

When "not" to be frugal....

Sometimes, I put my "frugalness" behind me and know that there are appropriate times to splurge!  :)

Sunday is our 18th wedding anniversary!  :)  What a blessing my dear husband has been to me.  I am SO thankful that God brought us together!  :)  Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!!! :)

Tonight, we are splurging, just a little!  :)

We get to go out on a date!  :)

We are going to see "Triple Espresso"!!!!  I am so excited!  I have wanted to see it for years.  We have friends who have seen it multiple times, because it is so good.  Tonight the original cast is together again (which doesn't always happen anymore.)  I bought the tickets months ago, and my sweetie even told me to "go ahead and order the best tickets"!!!!!

Our boys are actually a little "miffed" that they can't go too!

I just had to laugh.

I guess that shows you how little my husband and I go anywhere alone!  :)

Do you know when "not" to be frugal too??

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the splurge. And you are right, save money where you can but take the time to enjoy life and celebrate the special moments too.

  2. First, Congrats!! Second, yes we do know when to splurge. I thinks it's important and after all the frugalness and saving it's fun to buy something or get to do something you "shouldn't".

    Enjoy your evening!


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