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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Need a new coffee maker?? I do!

Alright, it's time for me to take advantage of this offer again.  Quite a few years back, I ordered Gevalia, so I could get a free coffee maker.  The coffee maker was gorgeous!!!  It lasted many years, and I was sad when it finally gave out on me!  :(  I have now been using a tiny coffee maker.  It's fine for me, but when I have company, it isn't very efficient!  LOL!!  And, of course Gevalia's coffee is very delicious!  I ordered several more orders (which you are under no obligation to do) and then finally cancelled my membership....I couldn't afford the convenience, at the time.

So, Gevalia has another great offer.

I copied it here:
Coffee or tea drinker? Try two half pound boxes of Gevalia Kaffe or tea and get a coffeemaker and stainless steel coffee scoop FREE. Delivered to your home for $14.95, with free shipping! All yours to keep with no further obligation, just for beginning a Gevalia Membership.
  1. Choose a black or white coffee maker
  2. Select what flavor of coffee and/or tea you want to try
  3. Enter your shipping information
  4. Pay the $14.95 and you'll receive your coffee maker, coffee/tea, and scoop within a couple weeks.
About a month later, you'll receive 2 more boxes of the coffee/tea you selected. If you wish, you may change the quantities and types of coffee you receive at any time, the frequency of your shipments, or cancel at any time by calling 1-800-GEVALIA (1-800-438-2542). Gevalia is really nice about taking care of your requests. No hassles.

This is very true....they are very accommodating.

I'm looking forward to my new coffee maker, and some nummy coffee!  :)

They also have this second offer which is:
Try two half pound boxes of Gevalia Kaffe or tea and get a stainless steel coffeemaker, stainless steel coffee carafe and stainless steel tumbler FREE. $168 value, Delivered to your home for $22.95 + $5.95 shipping!
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