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Friday, February 11, 2011

De-Frazzling My Friday.....episode 7, I think!!!

Well, if you have been visiting my site for any length of time you probably know that we have been "in process" with our kitchen floor for quite some time!!!!

It all started last fall, when my youngest and I started tearing out our AWFUL old linoleum...the once beautiful, pristine white floor had gotten dingy, yellowed and had several holes and dents in it....

We lived with a ripped up floor for quite some time....thinking that using the subfloor (we could seal it...others that I read about had done that...) because surely it would be better than being reminded of the yucky linoleum!

Well, we still hadn't sealed it and now we were a little concerned about ruining the subfloor....which would not be a good thing!

Along comes Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and I looked at the Menards ad....they were having a CRAZY DAYS sale, and were featuring a beautiful laminate click-n-lock flooring for a super price!
I asked my husband if we could go take a look at it....he thought that would be a good idea...so we did.
We thought it was beautiful and after being encouraged by some friends we ran into (who had just installed a similar floor and assured us that we could do it) we decided to buy enough to finish our kitchen. 

And thanks also, to friends and family who so generously let us borrow a miter saw, and table saw, and some other power tool (which I am unsure of the name)...we couldn't have done it without those!  :) 

I am happy to report that the flooring is all installed!!!!  We LOVE it and feel very proud that we did indeed accomplish this on our own!  :)  We really couldn't afford to have new flooring installed and so I am so thankful for my husband's willingness to give it a try! 

We have a little finishing work to do...putting the baseboard trim back in place, and probably getting some quarter round, but that won't take long!!! :)

It's hard to really get the full effect of it, but like I said before, we LOVE it!

This post is linked to Frugal Friday, because we installed it ourselves!!!  :)

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