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Friday, March 11, 2011

El Monterey family dinners....a review


I love taste testing new products!  :)

So, a while back, when a representative for El Monterey Foods contacted me, a "real mommy blogger", to see if my family would like to try some of their frozen dinners, my answer was, "of course"!  :)

We received four family size entrees to try:
1.  Spicy Beef Enchiladas
2.  Chicken Enchiladas
3.  Cheesy Enchiladas
4.  Chicken Mexicana

The timing was perfect for their arrival, as we were installing our new flooring and had to have our oven disconnected for a few days.
One of the great things about these entrees is that you can fix them in the microwave in less than 20 minutes!!!
I always am a little tentative about fixing frozen items in the microwave, as they sometimes don't turn out as good as having fixed them in the oven. 
Not with these....they turned out great!  :)

Very convenient!!!

I like to fix my dinner from scratch most days of the week, but would not hesitate to have these in my freezer for those days that are a little too hectic and I need to fix a great meal quickly!
We all had our favorites...the spicy beef was a little too spicy for my taste, but I really enjoyed the cheesy enchiladas and chicken dishes.  The Chicken Mexicana was a nice change of pace for Mexican food, as it was a pasta dish with more of a white sauce.

So, let's just say that my family enjoyed these products enough that I look forward to trying other El Monterey products too! 

Thank you, El Monterey Foods, for the opportunity to taste your nummy entrees!  :) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF

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