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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning????

I have to giggle (so I don't cry) as I write this post. 
You see, my calendar says it is Spring right now, but when we awoke this morning, this is what we saw:

Now, I have lived in MN my whole life, so actually it doesn't surprise me, but I can always hope that spring might come early just once!  :)

Anyway, back to what I was posting about....

Right now, Alice.com has some great prices on all of your "spring cleaning" needs.  I have ordered from Alice several times over the last year, and really enjoy the convenience of online shopping AND the FREE SHIPPING that they offer all the time (you are required to order at least 6 items).

I think Alice.com is a fabulous idea for those of you who might not find it very easy to do errands (you have a new baby, lots of little ones to take with you, just had surgery....) and could use a little bit of convenience.
But, you need to do a little research and know your prices.  I have found that when they have sales (or coupons to apply) their prices have been rather comparable to buying them at my local stores.

FYI...One of the items I always include in my order are postage stamps (no markup on those)!  :)

And....they have a contest going on right now on their Facebook page.  Just share a "spring cleaning tip" and you could win a $100 Alice.com gift certificate!  :)

If you are interested, sign up at Alice.com and you will receive $10 back when you spend your first $50.

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