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Friday, May 13, 2011

Cool Stuff for Adventurous Boys....on sale too! :)

***FYI...I am re-posting this because Blogger was down for a whole day, and they lost Thursday's postings!  So, forgive me if you already received this in your e-mail!  :)

I just got an e-mail about a new company...new to me, anyway.
The JM Cremp's Adventures for Boys company.

I immediately thought of my middle son.

He would absolutely love ANYTHING in this catalog!!!!  Outdoor adventures...fishing, camping, hunting and military....
The thing I love about it too, is that they have included books, along with toys and gear, that go along with the adventure theme!  Great classic books too! 
***Through May 31, use code 10PERCENT and take an extra 10% off any order.

Check out their website, if you have or know some "adventurous boys" too!


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