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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday...repurposing make up bags

I love Clinique make up, and even though I rarely splurge on their products anymore, my mother still does for me from time to time.  The wonderful thing about Clinique, and I'm sure many other department store makeup companies, are their bonus offers that they make available when you buy a certain amount.

I love getting these bonuses...anything from lipstick to moisturizer, etc.  The fun thing too, are the makeup bags and accessories that come with them.

The downside is that I cannot possibly USE all of these bags....for makeup anyway.

Here comes the repurposing....all it takes is a little creativity.

Here are ways that I have repurposed my plethora of freebie bags:

1.  My camera fits neatly in the following bag.
2.  When my boys were young, .many small bags were filled with Hot Wheels, Little People and more to keep them entertained when we were out.

3.  These small bags are great for small pads of paper and crayons and/or markers inside...again to have on hand when needed for little ones.

4.  Sunglasses, or reading glasses would fit nicely in the same one I use for my camera.

How about you?  Have you repurposed these bags too??

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