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Friday, May 20, 2011

Frugal Ice Cream Sandwiches....easy too!!!

As I was snacking on a graham cracker last night, my 9 year old was scooping some ice cream for his brother and himself. 

I had a "remember when" moment....

My mother ALWAYS made little homemade ice cream sandwiches for us when we were little!!!

Super easy and much cheaper than buying real ice cream sandwiches, I would think.....

So, after I made myself one and preceded to eat it, I thought, "I am writing a blog post about these!!!"

Frugal Ice Cream Sandwiches
*Ice Cream, any flavor
*Graham Crackers, any flavor too

1.  Carefully break each graham cracker in half.  Place a scoop of ice cream on one half of the cracker.

2.  Cover the ice cream with the other cracker half.

Carefully press down, so you don't break the crackers!

3.  If you are not eating them immediately, or if you can make them without your children seeing them, wrap each sandwich with saran wrap.

4.  Place them in the freezer, in a freezer bag.  (I'm not sure how long they will stay good in the freezer, but if your house is like mine....it doesn't matter...they will be gone in a few days anyway!)  :)

Sure, there are fancier ice cream sandwiches you can make (with cookies, or rolling the edges in sprinkles or other toppings) or you may still want to buy "real ice cream sandwiches", but these little ones will get you by "in a pinch" if you are in the mood for one. Enjoy!

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