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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Be Creative...use cheap Return Labels in unique ways!

Every so often, Vistaprint offers FREE things....none of them are truly free, because you always have to pay the shipping....
However, the shipping is reasonable, so think of these items as reasonably priced!  :)

I have taken advantage of some of these deals before, including a personalized t-shirt for my husband (with his company on it) that ended up just a little over $4 (the shipping price).  Not bad!  :)

Right now, Vistaprint is offering 140 Free Address Labels, when you pay shipping.  The shipping options start around $3.00.  So....140 personalized labels for around $3....not bad!

Here comes the creative part.  Here are some ways to use them:

**Christmas is coming.  Order Christmas return address labels for the cards you will be sending out, sooner than we realize!

**Personalized labels to stick in books, DVDs, casserole dishes...of anything you let people borrow.  You can personalize it to say, "Please return to", and then put your name only, or name and phone #, e-mail address...you choose!

**Place labels on your children's school supplies personalized with their name.

**Think of them as small gift labels.  They could easily be placed on a plain gift tag, with a personalized message..."This gift is from...." (and add your name, or your family name).

Will you take advantage of this offer?

Do you have creative ways that you have used return address labels, other than for envelopes?  I would love to hear!!!

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