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Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Byerlys/Lunds ad....July 28 - August 3

Oh no, I had to actually admit, in writing, that next week is August already!  How can it be???? 

Anyone else feel like summer is going WAY TOO FAST??? 

All 3 of our boys are officially done with baseball though, so "watch out Sweetie!!!  I've got a list of projects!"  Hee hee!  :)

On to the Byerlys/Lunds ad.

Here are some of the highlights for this next week.
Lunds and Byerly's Kettle Chips
Lunds and Byerly’s
Kettle Chips
(8 oz.)
Mmmm....their chips are really good!

***5/$10.00 Smart Ones and Weight Watcher’s Entrées (4.9-11.5 oz.)

***10/$6.00 Yoplait Light and Thick & Creamy Yogurts (6 oz.)

***Buy One, Get One FREE  Fresh Farm-Raised Scottish Salmon Fillets

***$4.99 Just Bare Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (14 oz.)

***$4.99/lb. Our Deli Cherry Chicken Pasta Salad
(Remember, if you want to make it yourself, you can do it!)

***Red, Black and Green Seedless Grapes $1.49/lb.

***Dulcinean Tuscan Canteloupe $3.99 each

***Old Orchard 100% Apple and Cocktail Juices, Buy One Get One FREE

***Tostitos, 2/$5

***Thomas' English Muffins, Buy One Get One FREE

***Geisha Mandarin Oranges $.99 (15 oz.)

***Klondike Bars (6 ct.) $3.99

***Lunds and Byerlys Free Range Turkey Breast $2.99/lb.

Be sure to check out the complete ad here.

Don't forget to print your coupon for your First Pound FREE of Lunds and Byerly’s Fresh Sausages (w/ $10 purchase) Pin It Print Friendly and PDF