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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday.....Weeding my Garden

Sometimes I need an attitude adjustment....

and I will even admit it!  Haha!

This morning, was one of those times.  The day started out just fine, early, but just fine.  I awoke to the alarm at 6 a.m. and finally got up when it rang again at 6:09.  I made my coffee, got dressed and soon after brought my oldest to the high school for his 654 Hoops (aka 6:54 a.m) and weight lifting.

Still fine....

Finished my coffee, ate some cereal....got the call that it was time for me to pick my oldest back up....

Still fine....

Took my shower when I got back home.....did some other things....starting to get annoyed.....the boys had now only been watching TV or playing on the computer, or the ipod Touch.....

Now I was being crabby.....

SO, instead of continuing to take my crabbiness out on them, I decided to go outside and pick my raspberries.

Ahhh...my raspberries!!  I was feeling better already!  The temperature outside was perfect, the sun was shining, the breeze was fabulous.

My sweet little dog was outside too.

She loves when I give her a raspberry or two to eat, which makes me laugh that she will eat them!

Not too many ripe raspberries today, so I went over to my vegetable garden (which never got planted this year because I had to redo the entire thing.)  That didn't stop the weeds from growing!!!  I started to pull weeds....and more weeds....and more weeds....and I didn't even get upset that there are so many because I had a complete attitude adjustment....just from going outside and appreciating the beauty of the day!
Thank you, Lord, for your beautiful world!  and thank you Lord, for helping me with my attitude adjustment!

I came back in, shooed my boys outside, so they could enjoy the weather (and so I could quickly write my post)!!!  :)

Well, as you can see what Works for Me to change my attitude today, is weeding in my garden!

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