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Monday, August 29, 2011

Check out Bargain Jill for great discounts!

The following is a sponsored post from Bargain Jill.

Shopping with Bargain Jill

I don’t know about you mommies, but I love to shop. Unfortunately, since becoming a mom I’ve been both time-crunched and money-crunched. Now that I need to shop for the kids, the house, AND myself, I dread trips to the store for the dent it places in my day and in my pocketbook. Austin-mommy, shopaholic, and tech geek Sharon DeVries also dreaded trips to the store, so she created Bargain Jill.
Bargain Jill compiles deals, coupons, and storewide sales from across the web on items tailored specifically towards women—home and garden items, children’s items, women’s clothing and accessories, and beauty products. Bargain Jill only displays exceptional discounts on quality items.
Bargain Jill saves users time with its user-friendly layout. Users can organize deals by price, recentness, deal type, and item type. Users can also search for specific items, and if Jill doesn’t have that item, store availabilities and price comparisons from across the web will appear.
Today, however, I’m not going to tell you about Jill’s breadth and quality of deals, I’m going to show you. I’ve gone through the site and created virtual shopping trips: a $25 trip, a $50 trip, and a $100 trip. You’ll be surprised at what I’m able to find for these prices:
For just $25, I’m able to shop for the house with a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender (perfect for ice cream shakes for the kids and smoothies for the mommies) and spoil myself with an ADORABLE ring. Best of all, the savings are worth even more than what I spend.
For $50, I can buy a brand-name toaster (which itself is worth the $50 limit) and again spoil myself with a pair of earrings. These earrings, however, are genuine blue topaz and diamond and worth a mind-boggling $390! Jill has partnered with some jewelery deal-a-day sites that slash deals to unbelievable prices.

And for the $100 grand finale:
For $100, we’ve stuck with home and garden items, since these are often the most important items for mommies and the hardest to find deals on. For $100, we are able to revamp the kitchen with a new sandwich maker and a pressure cooker and buy a new set of quality towels.
As you can see, Jill has partnered with over one thousand brand-name vendors in order to provide the most powerful punch of mommy deals possible. She has an active social media platform including a Twitter and Newsletter for those mommies who would rather have deals delivered to them. This is a fabulous site to add to any shopping mom’s repertoire.
(Note: some of these deals aren’t on the site anymore)
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