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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun, FREE photo calendar from Vistaprint...you pay shipping

Alright, I know that I highlight offers from Vistaprint rather often, but believe me...this is an offer that you really want to consider ordering!  (All of them are great...this one is really one of my favorites!)

Right now, you can customize your own 12 month calendar with all of your favorite photos for FREE.  All you are required to pay is the shipping and processing fee, which starts at only $5.67.  (You pay more for expediting shipping, which in my mind, is not necessary.)

I created one of these calendars for my parents' Christmas gift a couple of Christmas' ago, and I could tell it was really one of the best gifts of the year!  :)

It's easy, just follow this link for Vistaprint, and go through the step by step instructions! Then use it for your own personal calendar, or maybe make one for grandparents, or whomever you wish to surprise with a memorable calendar! :)

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