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Monday, September 12, 2011

Menu Plan Monday...week of September 12

Well, here it is...a full week of school, with plenty of evening activities!  Yikes!  Soccer is in full swing for 2 of my boys, and church activities will start on Wednesday too.  Fun, yet busy again!

It is always great to have a menu plan...less thinking for me around supper time! Haha!

MONDAY:  Tuna Pasta Salad...basically, modify the Easy Chicken Pasta Salad, by using tuna, instead of chicken and omit the grapes and almonds.  I also add frozen green peas...they thaw quickly, without cooking!

TUESDAY:  Rice and Bean Burritos

WEDNESDAY:  Sandwiches, Diner's Choice

THURSDAY:  Angel Hair Pasta

FRIDAY:  Pizzaburgers

How about you?  Is your life in full swing again?  Do YOU have a menu plan?  Feel free to share it with me...your blog link in the comment section, or just list your menu in the comment section.  I would love to see it!
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