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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great deals...you may not want to miss!

Every morning I check my inbox, and I often have some fantastic offers waiting for me.
To take advantage of these offers depends on several things...
1.  Do I need this offer?
2.  Could I use this offer to give as a gift for an upcoming birthday, or other occasion?
3.  Is this offer a "just to good to pass up deal" that I know would benefit our family in the near future?

Many of these offers, I can by pass...but I have also been able to take advantage of some great savings for our family.  Now too, with Christmas coming, I need to look at the possibility of gift giving in mind.

All of this to say, these are some of the offers in my box this week.  Hurry, if interested, because some deals might have limited quantities available:

**Cooking Light magazine 2 years for $15 (from Mamapedia Deals)--with an option to send it as a gift, right on the website

**Only $8 for $20 worth of Mexican food at Cantina, Mall of America in Bloomington (from kgb deals)

**Only $15 for $50 worth of photo books and more at Mixbook (from Groupon)
Groupon has hundreds of local offers...be sure to check out your city!

**Sam's Club members:  Get a $10 gift card when you purchase $50 in eligible transactions

**50% off Asian Buffet and Sushi at 98 Pound Buffet from Crowd Cut

Crowd Cut has many other cities available too!

**Only $25 for $50 worth of Beautiful sterling silver jewelry at Lauren Nicole Gifts (from Plum District)
Get $5 Plum Dollars by signing up with my link.

**$10 for $20 worth of clothing at Beyond the Rack (from Moolala)

**Great savings on Middleton Doll, GeoToys, Crocs, to name a few at Zulily

(They have tons of deals going on right now!)

Most of these "deal sites" have local and national offerings too.

The wonderful thing about a lot of these deal sites, is that they give you credit or dollars to use, when you pass along their savings to your friends and family.  This has been a win-win situation!  My friends have benefited from great offers, and my family has been able to eat free, or get free items because of it!  Yay!  So, I would suggest passing along the savings to your friends and family too.  (Just be sure to sign up before you do, so that you will get credit.  Of course, you can just give them my link, if you want!  lol!)

Have you taken advantage of these popular deal sites?

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