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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WFMW: Removing Soap Scum

Wow!  I am excited!

I have found another use for my (generic) Mr. Clean magic erasers!!!!!
 (sorry for the glare!)

Soap scum on my glass shower door!!!!

I usually have used the magic erasers for taking stains off of my white counter tops. 
I have used them for removing grime off of my white refrigerator.
Then, my friend made a comment about Mr. Clean magic erasers on Facebook, and how great they are...
I decided to try them for more of my cleaning.
I was shocked to see how easy it was to clean the grease off the back of my white stove top (you know how hard it is to clean around the knobs etc.)!!!

But, it never occurred to me to try it on soap scum...until I looked at the back of the box. 

I tried it today.....it worked!!!

Now, this isn't the best picture...
You are looking at the glass shower door (with the wood door behind it).  If you look carefully you will see the heavy soap scum below, and the clearer glass above.  That is what the magic eraser did for the soap scum!!!  Yay!

I had to use a little elbow grease, but not much.  I used the magic eraser on the whole door, going over some of the areas a couple of times.  Then I wiped the whole door again with a damp cloth.  I tried it completely. 
I just checked on it again, after about 5 hours....it looks great!  No cloudiness has reappeared!  Hurray!

I love Mr. Clean magic erasers....and I love that the generic ones that I bought at the grocery store work just fine too!
This is what Works for Me!  

What do you use magic erasers for???

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