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Friday, January 6, 2012

Get rewarded for your opinion!

Why not try something new this year, and get paid for your opinion?

I have been doing this for many years, and while I am not retiring on the income, it is nice to have a little extra cash come in here and there.

Although there are many sites that are not legitimate, these are the companies who I have worked with and have actually been paid for taking surveys:

Ipsos Survey Panel
American Consumer Opinion
Survey Savvy
Synovate/Global Opinion Panel
Here's a little description from Synovate's site:
Why voice your opinions?
Because Synovate's panel members influence products and services used by people around the world!

* Participation is free.
* Most surveys take 15 minutes.
* Test products before they arrive in stores.
* Earn reward points, prizes and sweepstakes entries.

Each month, over 200 panelists share $5,000 in total prizes.
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