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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Byerlys & Lunds ad...Feb. 14-20 and coupon matchups!

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 Since I was delinquent with last week's ad, I will make sure to post this one right away!

As always, you can get some great deals at Byerlys and Lunds stores....here are some of the highlights:

**Gevalia Coffee 12oz  - $6.99, Huge Deal 12 oz.
**Ice Mountain Water 12 Packs  - $2.99, 12 pack
**Powerade  - 69¢, 32 oz.
**Raisin Bran, Honey Bunches of Oats  - $2.99, Raisin Bran 20 oz. Honey Bunches of Oats 14.5 oz.
**Mott's Multi-Serve Applesauce 24oz  - $1.89, 23-24 oz.
**Progresso Soups  - 8 FOR $10, 18-19 oz. traditional, rich & hearty, world recipes Save $11.36 on 8
**Old Home Yogurt 32 oz  - 2 FOR $5, 32 oz. HUGE DEAL
**Sargento Shreds 8oz  - 2 FOR $5, 5-8 oz. Save up to $3.18 on 2

$0.55 off any Sargento Reduced Fat Cheese
   $0.55 off Two Sargento Shredded Cheese

**Pita Pal Hummus  - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, 10 oz. Save $3.69 on 2
**Green Giant Russet Potatoes  - $1.99, 5-lb. bag Save $1 While supplies last.
**Pictsweet Deluxe Sides 6-8.2 oz  - 10 FOR $10, 6-8.2 oz HUGE DEAL
**Stouffer’s Red Box Entrées  - 5 FOR $10, 8.37-20 oz. Save up to $12.25 on 10
**Fresh Cod Fillets - FSP 2/14 (Extreme)  - $8.99 LB., Save $6/lb.
**Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillets  - $11.99 LB., Save $6/lb. HUGE DEAL
**Full Circle Tilapia Fillets - FSP 2/14  - $5.99, 12 oz. Save $2 HUGE DEAL
**Premium Choice Ground Beef  - $3.99 LB., 95% Lean Save $2.70/lb. A faster favorite than fast food
**Premium Choice Ground Beef.  - $2.99 LB., 85% Lean Save $2.50/lb. While supplies last.
**Sockeye Salmon Fillets - FSP 2/14 (Extreme)  - $11.99 LB., previously frozen Save $4/lb.
**Swai Fillets - BOGO - FSP 2/14  - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, Purchase any amount and receive an equal or lesser amount free. Save $7.99 LB.
**Kraft Blue Box Mac & Cheese 7.2oz  - 89¢, 7.2 oz.
**Red and Green Anjou Pears and Gold Bosc Pears  - $1.19 LB., Save up to $1.30/lb.
**Red, Gold and Orange Bell Peppers  - $2.99 LB., Save $1/lb. HUGE DEAL

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Why not download the new Lunds and Byerlys app.  

Need some other coupons before you shop?  Check out many fabulous ones right here!
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