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Thursday, February 14, 2013

ibotta and Endorse apps..."coupons" to use after you shop!

I am a coupon clipper...but I am not a very diligent coupon user!  LOL!
I have LOTS of coupons available, but I don't always prepare to use them before I go shopping.

Anyone else understand that???

That's why I am excited about two shopping/coupon apps that I have downloaded for my smartphone...
I think of them as coupons to use after you shop!

The first one I have used is Endorse.

I have already received $25.79 back via Paypal since downloading and using the app in mid-November!  It is fantastic!
Shop as usual, and check the Endorse app for items that you can get cash back on.  All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt which shows that specific item.
Endorse reimburses your account for a percentage of the purchase price (usually in less than a day)!
Once you have a larger amount in your Endorse account you request to cash out via Paypal...it appears almost immediately!

I LOVE it!
Interested?  Check it out here.  (Another bonus:  Receive a $1 bonus for referring friends!)

The second one is ibotta.

I just downloaded it the other day, and so far haven't used it but I have only been to the store for a quick shopping trip and didn't get any of the items yet.
This works a little different than Endorse, and has some other ways to earn (watching videos, etc.) but between the two of them they offer different products so it should be great and profitable to have both of them!

Interested?  Check out ibotta here!

They also offer a bonus by referring friends!  (once you both redeem your first offer)

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