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Friday, January 29, 2010

Free Online Seminars from Homeschool Science Academy

If you are a homeschooler, you might want to take advantage of these free online seminars.  Greg Landry is the director of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory at Appalachian State University.  He is also a homeschool dad with a desire to teach young people.  He has a program where students can take online science classes for a semester.  He also offers the following Free 45 Minute Online Seminars:
  • "Top 10 Academic Mistakes Homeschoolers Make - and How to Avoid Them"
  • "Anatomy and Physiology of the Pancreas"
  • "SAT and ACT - What You Should Know"
  • "There's Life in the Blood"
  • "So, You Want to be a Doctor - What it Takes Now and What to Expect"
  • "How to do Well on Timed Tests"
  • "But What About Socialization?"
  • "What You (students) Can Learn From My TA's.. the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
  • "What I've Learned from Human Cadavers.. about Life, Death, God, and Anatomy"
  • "Working Toward Academic Excellence - A Practical and Biblical Guide"
  • "Teaching the Sciences - 6th - 12th Grade"
  • "Sports Scholarships for Homeschooled Students - How to Get Them"
  • "Creation Clues - The Urge (to go) and Other Rarely Thought of Human Body Characteristics"
If you are interested, take a look at his website, Homeschool Science Academy Pin It Print Friendly and PDF