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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grocery Deals this Week....week of January 31

I started listing some Target deals last week.  I hope to make it a regular post and I am adding more stores this week.

If you are a Twin Cities reader, you might like to look at Byerlys/Lunds this week.  I wish I had seen this sooner, but through Wednesday, Feb. 3, you can get some great Buy One/Get One Free (BOGO) offers.  Here are a few, these are all BOGO:
*Edy's Ice Cream (1.5 qt.)
*Minute Maid Orange Juice (64 oz.)
*Bone-in Rotisserie Turkey Breast (this was fabulous--my mother bought one for us last week.  Yum!  We had several meals from it and I made 6 cups of turkey broth with it, freezing it for later!)
*Rosetta Pasta
*90% Extra Lean Ground Beef 
The best part about it too, is that you can shop online and pickup FREE until Feb. 3 also.  To see more deals, go to Byerlys/Lunds.

A few of the Rainbow Foods deals this week:
*fresh broccoli or cauliflower $.99
*Sunny Valley or Clear Value Ice Cream $.99 coupon (newspaper ad)
*Mtn. Dew, Pepsi, or Sierra Mist 4/$8.88 12 packs or 6 pack (must purchase 4)--this is HUGE!  My husband doesn't drink coffee in the morning, but has to have a Mtn. Dew each day....this is a much cheaper way to buy it than at the convenience store. :)
You can see more at Rainbow Foods Pin It Print Friendly and PDF

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