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Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday....May 24

Well, this is something new that I am trying.  Hopefully, it will help me feel a little more organized in my kitchen!  I am inspired by the many blogs I love to read.  Several of them post their menu plans for the week on Monday.  So, with a little thought, I am going to try it this week.  I'm not going to stress out if it doesn't come to fruition, but at least I will attempt it!  Here goes:

Monday:  Pulled Pork sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce (in freezer already, yay!) 
Tuesday:  Soft Tacos (Ground Beef)
Wednesday:  Chicken Pasta Salad
Thursday:  Super Easy Chicken Enchilada Skillet 
Friday:  Hamburgers on the (George Foreman) Grill

Wow!  It feels good to have a plan!  And, like I said, if I don't follow it exactly, it's okay....I think it will help to have it written down ahead of time.  I will plan to post the recipes after I make them (so I can have pictures for you)!

Do you plan out your meals for the week?  For the month?  Please share with the rest of us anything that has worked for you!  :)

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