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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paninis on a George Foreman Grill

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Update 4/15/2017: I see George Foreman grills are even advertised as grills/panini press!  (Maybe they saw this post of mine ;))


My idea worked!

Not that this idea was original, I'm sure, but I had never thought of it before...

I had been using my George Foreman grill (GF) exclusively for burgers, chicken breasts, and hot dogs.

Then, yesterday, as I was writing my weekly menu plan, I thought that I might try doing my melts on my GF  grill.

It worked out great!

I knew I would need some good bread for it, but didn't want to go out and buy a heavier bread, so I made some.  I chose to make a French bread dough in my bread machine.  I then let it rise in a loaf pan and then baked it the oven.  Oh, the crust turned out so crispy!  My boys would have eaten the whole loaf I'm sure, but of course I couldn't let them!  We needed it for supper!  :)

Paninis on the George Foreman Grill

Once again, I hardly can call this a recipe.  It's more of a "how to" post.

All you need are:

*Slices of heavier sandwich bread (I used my french bread)
*Shredded cheese, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, etc.
*Butter, to spread on the outside of the sandwich (optional)...maybe even olive oil
*Deli ham, turkey, roast beef, etc.
*Mustard, or mayo, if desired.

Butter one side of the bread and place butter side down on the GF grill.  Spread any condiments on the bread that you would like.  Place meat and cheeses on the bread.  Spread butter on top slice of bread and place on top of sandwich.  I was able to fit 2 sandwiches at a time on my GF grill.  Close cover and wait.  I don't know how long this part took...a few minutes perhaps...I just kept opening it, until they looked done!  :)

I don't know if this truly classifies as a "panini", but I sure thought it was fun to make.  I don't have to spend more $ to go out and buy a panini press (and use up more space in my kitchen)!!!

Do you make paninis???

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  1. I love paninis...the possibilities are endless.

    Thanks for stopping by my site! Have a great week.

  2. love this idea will definetly try

  3. Because of moving, my gf grill is packed. I will be glad to get it out again. Great idea. Thanks for the reminder! I would love for you to join me for this week's edition of What's On the Menu Wednesday. Mister Linky is up and ready for you.


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