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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Improvement Time....frugally

I have been in a cleaning/improve our home type of mode for awhile now!  Things are slowly getting done around here, but it IS happening.  Yay!  Last weekend we brought 2 TVs, and a computer monitor to our county's recycling center.  Thankfully, they took them for us at NO COST, because we are county residents.  What a great deal!  For awhile, places were charging A LOT to take those big monsters off of your hands.

I also am currently trying to spruce up our front porch, tiny as it is.....I am just not satisfied by the way it looks to people that are coming up to our front door.  The big clincher is that I am trying to do it without much cost.  I am trying to find items that I already have around the house, that I might be able to use differently.  I also love to check out Good Will, and other local thrift stores for the "perfect item", which I don't even know what that is right now!  LOL!  I just keep thinking when I see it, I will know!!!  Ha!

The other project that has been staring my husband and I in the face, for the last few years, is the mudroom that needs the finishing work done on it.  My wonderful dad built this great mudroom for us just at the front of our garage.  My husband and I helped him with it too.  Our job was really to do most of the finishing work.  But why is it that we get 95% of a project done, and then leave the last 5% to complete????  I think it is because we get it to the place where it is totally functional, and get tired of working on it!  We actually aren't quite sure how to do a couple of the finishing touches, which is more of the reason why it still is undone!  I would love to be able to hire someone, but that is only in my dreams!!!  Frugal, remember???  :)

Do you have home improvement projects that you are working on, or need to start working on?  I would love to know if you finish things to completion in a timely manner, or if you are like me!  LOL!!  :)

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