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Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday....August 9

Well, my challenge to myself this week is to eat up what we have in the kitchen already.  It is a week and a half until payday again, and the money is almost gone!  (We haven't been very good about budgeting this summer.  Yikes!)  And....there is plenty to eat in our house.  No worries!  I just need to see what I have on hand.  The exception will be to buy milk....we always go through a TON of milk!

The other factor for meal planning this week is that it is going to be HOT.....high temperatures with miserable dew points.  It looks like a week of salads and sandwiches for our family!  :)

MONDAY:  Easy Summer Italian Pasta Salad  (I have cute little mini-pepperonis that I am excited to use!)

TUESDAY:  Tuna Pasta Salad  (a favorite of my husband and I....now to convince the boys!)

WEDNESDAY:  Grilled BBQ chicken breasts (in freezer from last week) made into Chicken Salad sandwiches

THURSDAY:  BBQ Beanwich (a recipe I tried several years ago, when reading the Abs diet)

FRIDAY:  On the Go Sloppy Joes (from freezer) .... this one might change, as one of my boys really is not a sloppy joe fan.....but, I have until Friday to think about it!  LOL!  :)  Maybe he will just have PB & J!

Wow, and to think I wasn't going to have good ideas for meals because I wasn't going to do extra shopping!  I think this menu looks pretty good!  :)

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  1. Heat always does suck out the desire to cook, doesn't it?

  2. beautiful meal plan this week. Heat=easy cooking for me.

  3. YEA for you! I think it looks great. And everybody will eat. That's the goal, right? :)

  4. Cooking when it is this hot is rough. Your plan looks like you are ready to beat the heat.

  5. it's suddenly become like winter here in the UK; I'm envious of your heat :-)


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