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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brown Rice...in my crock pot? An experiment...

Well, I feel a little bad writing this post for you, BEFORE I do the experiment. I hope you will check back after I serve supper tonight for the results! :)

Tuesday is my Crock Pot day, and we are still using up our pantry food (Pay Day is tomorrow...yay!) Therefore, I have black beans in the freezer, brown rice and fixings for tacos. We haven't had rice and beans on soft taco shells for awhile, and I thought that sounded good.

I don't really care for fixing rice on the stove as it seems to always boil over...I don't have a rice cooker, and when I have fixed it in the oven before, some of the rice is still crunchy (which DOES NOT go over well with the boys)!

So...I am going to experiment with my good old Rival CrockPot (the picture really isn't the one I have...mine isn't that pristine!  LOL!!).

I looked in my little manual and it suggested using an extra 1/4 cup liquid per 1/4 cup of raw rice. Truthfully, I'm not quite sure what that means, as that would for using rice in a "recipe"...I am just fixing the rice. I also read a couple of online forums and the suggestion has been to add twice as much water as rice.

I only have 1 cup of brown rice, so I will add 2 cups of water along with it in the crock pot.  (I don't think I will start this quite yet, as I have read if you cook it too long, it can get quite sticky.)

So, this will be my experiment (the science teacher in me, loves this!)...

Hypothesis:  Does cooking brown rice in a crock pot give the desired result?***

1. 1 cup brown rice
2.  2 cups water
3.  crock pot
4.  butter

1.  Grease crock pot with small amount of butter.
2.  Measure water and rice.
3.  Pour water and rice in crock pot.
4.  Cook on low for 2 - 4 hours.
5.  Check rice at 1 hour intervals.
***This isn't exactly how an experiment should be written up, just so ya know!  :)

Check back later!!!  ***UPDATE:  It worked...Brown Rice PART 2.

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