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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday Stumbles....for a New Year!

I thought of taking today off, but then decided I would like to start the New Year off with a few links that were too good to pass up!

The first was in an e-mail from Eat Better America, highlighting the Top Recipes of 2010.  These recipes are "healthified" and the "most viewed, shared and printed" from their site.  They look kind of tasty too!  I might just have to try a few!  :)

One of the many new blogs I found this year is "Hey, It's Free", and one of the links that caught my eye this week was for FREE country music downloads from People Magazine!  I love free things!  If you like free music, you might want to check it out too!  :)  (By the way, these are Christmas songs...you can save them for next year, if you are tired of Christmas songs by now!)  :)

A few more blogs that I added to my favorites this year are:

A Southern Fairytale
She makes wonderfully nummy food that looks soooo good!  :)

Life as MOM
Love her Frugal Fridays!

We are THAT Family
Great encouragement and a good laugh along the way!

Off Camera with Trish Van Pilsum
She has a gift for writing!

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