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Friday, February 25, 2011

Frugal Friday...Pudding...

My middle son just got his braces put on last week.  In the search for soft foods for him to eat, I bought a package of individual chocolate pudding cups.  They are NOT cheap (in my mind, anyway)!!!  It was about $2.79 for 6 little cups.  He loved them, of course, and his brothers wondered if they could have some of it.  I said, "no, I will make some for you two."

Then, I got to thinking about it, what if I bought some tiny little reusable containers and made my own individual pudding cups for them???  They could take those to school for lunch, and bring the containers back home.  I found these perfect little 1/2 cup size.  $2.19 for 8 of them at Target.  The pudding was $1.11 for 6 servings.  With just a few uses, I will get my money back for buying these little cups!

I really thought my middle son would be willing to bring the cups back home, because he uses a lunch box, but I was surprised that my oldest (who uses a brown bag for lunch) would....

As I was packing lunches this morning, my oldest saw the pudding in the fridge.  "Can I have one?", he asked.  "Well sure, but you have to bring the container back home,"  I answered.  "Okay".  End of story.

WOW!!!!  The possibilities for their lunches have just increased AND I can make frugal choices for them.

I could use these little cups for yogurt....buy a big container and fill them up at the beginning of the week.  They can even be frozen, and put in their lunches in the morning! 


Isn't it fun that these little things in life can cause such satisfaction!!!!  :)

These are probably old ideas to many of you...you are probably all ahead of me when it comes to this revelation....but hey, better late than never!!!!!

What do you do to be frugal with bag lunches????

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