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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fresh Veggies & Fruit....available for munching!

I don't know about you and your kids, but unless I have veggies and fruit washed, peeled, and cut, we don't eat it!  What I mean is.....we're lazy!!!  LOL!!  We want an easy, quick snack and that is why it is much easier to grab a cookie, or a handful of chips or crackers.  Who wants to work for their food???  Haha! Isn't it amazing how so often that is really true in this day and age?!

But, I find when I have baby carrots, or even big carrots peeled and sliced into sticks, on the middle of the kitchen island the whole bowlful is usually gone in a matter of hours (minutes, sometimes it seems).  I even found my 14 year old snacking on cherry tomatoes when they were in a bowl on the island too!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Now, I admit, sometimes this takes a little work on my part.  I need to wash it, sometimes peel, AND cut the fruits and vegetables....but .... I guess that's part of my job!  :) 

OR keep your eyes open for great deals, like the one I found one day at Target....a HUGE veggie tray marked half price!!!  I would never pay full price for veggies like this, but when I figured all of the vegetables I was getting (without any waste--it was already washed, peeled, cut & ready to eat) it was a great deal AND my family loved it!

A few tips for keeping fruits and veggies fresh AND accessible:

1.  Of course some fruits turn brown shortly after cutting...go ahead and toss cut apples with a little lemon juice so they don't get brown. 
2.  Put your carrots and celery in a little bowl of water, to keep them from drying up.  I even throw in a few ice cubes that will melt and keep them cool at the same time.
3.  Don't wash your strawberries until you really are ready to eat them...otherwise they get mushy.  :(
4.  If your kitchen is really warm, line a serving platter (or something with raised sides) with ice cubes and place containers of veggies/fruits nestled amongst the ice to keep cool.

Any other ideas???  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  I know we would all love to hear about your great ideas!

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