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Monday, June 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday...week of June 20

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Ours included some baseball games, some cancelled baseball games (rain) and dinner out as a family for Father's Day.  :) 

We have baseball games every evening this week, which makes things challenging.  But here is my plan for the week:

MONDAY:  Egg Salad sandwiches  (My husband and I love them...will find out who else likes them, I guess)  Actually, my middle boy is gagging as he reads this over my shoulder!!!  LOL!  :)  He might have to make himself a pb and j sandwich!

TUESDAY:  Soft Tacos

WEDNESDAY:  Easy Chicken Pasta Salad

THURSDAY:  Ham and Cheese Melts with Poppyseed Mustard

FRIDAY:  Pizzaburgers

After thinking about all of this food, I'm hungry!

What are you planning this week?

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